Umbrella Function from Time to Time

Umbrella function

Today umbrellas are widely used by the community. Umbrella functions are mostly the same, namely to protect someone from rain or heat. But it turns out, at the beginning of the invention the umbrella does not necessarily function as a retaining rain. There are several other unique functions of umbrellas from different nations. Best Offset Patio Umbrella are an option for today’s modern society, which is also used as decoration in addition to its main function as a protector of sun and rain.

At the beginning of his discovery, in ancient China at the end of the WEI dynasty, the umbrella was a symbol of the position and position of society. At that time, the umbrella serves as a tool used in traditional ceremonies performed by royalty officials. Umbrellas that functioned like that, referred to as “Umbrella Luo”. Where the umbrella is a symbol of the status of palace officials. For example, green umbrellas for royal officials are not so high, while the emperor uses a yellow and red umbrella. Umbrellas like this much we see in the colossal films of China.

While in Chinese society itself, when the mechanism and shape of the umbrella were first discovered and used, its function is not to dispel the rain. Instead, the umbrella serves as a heat retardant. That’s because umbrellas at the beginning of his invention still use cloth and paper as raw materials. So that if the umbrella is exposed to rain, it will not be able to hold the rainwater, on the contrary, it will be torn or damaged.

Gradually, umbrellas are increasingly being used by the community. Until then the community managed to find an umbrella that really works well to withstand rain, the umbrella with a wax material as an umbrella paper coating to dispel the rain.

In Europe, around the 16th-century umbrellas are mostly used by women as accessories. Only when a writer from Persia, Jonas Hanway wearing umbrellas in public, then that’s when the umbrella is also functioned optimally by the men of Europe.


As we know, now this umbrella function more and more. Not limited to rain retention only. Umbrella is also functioned for various other purposes, which is not far from fashion. Yes, umbrellas are now widely used as accessories in various fashion activities, whether it is fashion shows, photo sessions, advertisements, and others. Umbrellas often functioned as a sweetener property that makes the image look more glamorous and elegant.

In addition, the umbrella is now also functioned as a media campaign for the company. The umbrella which is a mobile media is considered very profitable as a media campaign. In addition, advertising in umbrellas is also tax-free. Therefore, the umbrella function as a media campaign is now inevitable.

Based on that, now more and more companies providing umbrellas that can function as a media campaign.