Looking for a Luxury Villa in Fiji?

Fiji boasts some of the most luxurious holiday resorts and villas in the world. If you want             a place you can escape from the hustles of daily life and indulge or recharge, Fiji has warm weather all year round and the hospitality around the island nation is one of the most famous globally. Raiwasa Private Resort is one of the gateways in Fiji that is synonymous with extraordinary cuisine, a sophisticated level of service, and world class spa facilities.

If you want to spoil yourself, below is a list of some of the luxury villas and hotels in Fiji to sample from.

Vomo Island Resort

This resort gives you exclusive island accommodation surrounded by signature crystal clear waters and soft white sands. This is a true definition of what living in a Fijian paradise is all about. The accommodation includes beachfront villas that are, but a few steps away from the iconic crisp white sandy beaches. The garden and hillside villas are located close to Mt. Vomo and gives breathtaking views of the island, gardens, and ocean. At the base of Mt. Vomo facing the eastern end of the island is the Royal Villa which has a stylish oasis giving you privacy and discretion.

Likuliku Lagoon Resort

This a unique luxury villa escape designed with integrity, embracing traditional and cultural values. The resort reflects the warmth of the Fijian people and anyone looking for a perfect island escape, this resort has more to offer. The beachfront villas give you a private sanctuary right on the beach with a plunge pool designed with guests in mind. This resort is just 25 kilometers away from Nadi International Airport.

Royal Davui Island

This is an adults-only resort and gives you exclusive and exceptional experience right from the time you walk in. The resort reflects the world-renowned hospitality and warmth of the Fijian people and gives you the ideal tropical escape for your vacation. From the island pool villas, you get to see stunning views of the reef and lagoon system below. Each of the premium pool villa have two huge verandahs as well as an extension of the living area.

Tadrai Resort

This resort is exclusively created for couples who are looking for a perfect escape where peace and tranquility reins. This resort comprises thatched villas against a backdrop of spectacular sunsets. They are a true definition of ultimate luxury in a private space. The private plunge pools open directly onto an elevated deck that gives you beautiful views of the beach expanse ahead of you. Among the amenities here include snookering, diving, and an interaction with marine life.

Raiwasa Private Resort

This is a true tropical paradise that is undisputed in its lineup of luxurious villas. The world over, this private resort stands out as an exclusive hide away in a dream location. The tropical setting of the resort gives you unique sites and awe-inspiring sounds. The pristine environment around the resort blends well with the lifestyle of the immediate neighborhood giving you an endless stream of beauty.

If you want a heavenly experience in a villa tucked away in some island, consider Fiji and all its magnificence.