4 unknown facts about Kovalam

Beautiful, quiet, alluring…Kovalam is everything you would ever need for the best holiday of your life.

As beach towns go, most visitors expect a bit of a party scene, some shopping, great food and of course, a superb coastline. Then there is Kovalam, that doesn’t need to jump through hoops to attract tourists. A pretty little town located about 16 kilometres from Kerala, it is easily accessible from Trivandrum airport and is a favourite among the world’s tourists.

So what is it that differentiates Kovalam from other beach towns in India? There are 4 things you may not know about Kovalam, such as –

1 Everything you need is here. Though Kovalam is merely a dot on the map of Kerala, it is a town that has its own ecosystem with everything one possibly needs already present here. Culturally a rich site, with 18th Century temples and forts, the town has the three most gorgeous beaches in Kerala, a scenic lighthouse, simple eating houses, good shopping options and its very own clifftop Kovalam beach resort, The Leela Kovalam[1]. In short, all the ingredients needed to create a restful holiday in a scenic location are already present and waiting.

2 Littering is a strict offence. Kovalam relies entirely on tourism to see it through. Hence, the town takes pride in being well presented at all times. Both the municipal authorities and local residents take great pains to ensure that cleanliness and hygiene – especially on its stunning beaches – is maintained all year. So if there are any signs of littering, you can expect the locals and the authorities to come down quite heavily on the offender.

3 The famous Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple here is the world’s richest. The sleepy temple town of Kovalam was unaware of a big secret for several centuries. It turns out that the revered Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple held rare treasures in the sanctum sanctorum that amounted to over $1 trillion in the year 2011of resorts in kovalam. The treasure – most of it comprising rare gold coins and historical artefacts – was discovered in a concealed cellar, where it continues to be kept to this day. The discovery immediately made the temple the richest one in the world!

4 It is a shopper’s delight. When you say ‘shopping’ your mind automatically conjures up images of glitzy shopping malls with posh stores and high street eateries. Delete these mental images when you’re in Kovalam, because you will find old world shopping in this quaint little town including hotels in kovalam. There are little shops that sell stone art and small intricate statues, while others sell inexpensive trinkets, handmade jewellery and clothes. You can also stock up on famous Kerala spices and coffee powder.

What to do there: Eat, sleep, enjoy, repeat. Book yourself into a gorgeous beach resort in Kovalam and go sightseeing and shopping. You get delicious fish curries here, the locals are friendly and helpful, you can walk for miles undisturbed, and capture some of the best sunsets in this part of the world.